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Certmail arrives at CertManiacs!

Sept 2014 CertMail

You might find it a little odd that I actually look forward to receiving new certification guides in the mail. What I’m actually looking forward to is the opportunity (and since money was paid for the books, a bit more motivation) to expand my IT skills and possibly obtain new certs. When it comes to educational guides and textbooks I still prefer paper versions as opposed to eBooks. The main reason is that in my job I stare at monitors all day long, and I often find myself staring at them when I get home, which is pretty common nowadays for most people. It is nice, however, to take a break from a backlit screen now and then and these paper guides help me do that. In fact, you see that I purchased a CCNA Security command guide, that will be a companion to the electronic CCNA Security study guide that I’ve been reading through, with my intention being to basically lab through all the commands via GNS3 following my complete reading of the study guide. Truth be told, it’s been painful trying to read through what’s really just a big PDF and I’m looking forward to being done with it, and that is not at all because I find the subject matter dis-interesting.

I also picked up an ITIL Foundations study guide, that purchase was motivated solely because it is something that HR representatives for technical jobs love to see it in your resume, I’m really unsure how I feel about the ITIL principles in general. Perhaps I’ll become a believer, we shall see. And the last thing to note, that Alcatel-Lucent NRS II guide is over 1400 pages! It will definitely keep me busy.

Whatever certs you pursue and whatever guides you buy, the most important thing is to keep pushing forward: learning new skills and obtain new credentials! It will only net positive results!