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Excellent Global Knowledge Article: Six Certification Exam Mistakes to Avoid

Just a quick post for now, I wanted to pass along a link to an article from Global Knowledge that I really enjoyed, Six Certification Mistakes to Avoid, no registration or anything like that needed! My favorite point is definitely Number 3. I’ve sat in a number of interviews where the hiring manager has brought along a Subject Matter Expert for the very purpose of sniffing out what are sometimes referred to as paper tigers, people who have plenty of cert paper but no significant real word experience to back it up. If you’ve truly earned your certifications through the right mix of learning experiences then challenges like this shouldn’t sweat you too much. Anyways, there’s some good advice in this article, and if you aren’t already practicing the recommended principles in your studies, I highly recommend that you consider doing so.

Is Global Knowledge trying to sell you on one of their (sometimes quite pricey) training courses in this article? Of course, but they certainly are a valid cert study option for those that can stomach the cost.